Organizations that we sponsor

Nexus Youth Services

Nexus Youth Centre is a not-for-profit community organization offering counselling services and a drop-in youth centre. Nexus Youth Centre is located in the heart of downtown Mississauga offering counselling and support to youth aged 14-24 residing in the Region of Peel. Nexus works with youth to create a safe, relaxing, and respectful environment to explore opportunities for personal development, tackle problems and achieve new goals. Nexus' free and confidential services improves lives daily, making a local impact on the community. The PosVibes Project is proud to have made one of the largest independent donations towards Nexus Youth Services in their 32 year history. Our contributions have allowed the Nexus to introduce new evening programs, improve their counselling services, and offer community events free-of-charge to youth.

Take a visual tour of the youth centre (located in the Mississauga Central Library) and hear from some of their friendly staff and youth in our video below!


In 2016, a portion of our proceeds went to the #GetInTouchForHutch organization. Successfully raising over $250,000 for numerous Youth Mental Health Organizations and local awareness initiatives, their mission is to eliminate the stigma that in hopes of removing the secrecy and lonely battles against depression, and to include regular conversations about mental health into our daily lives. The PosVibes Project is proud to have helped fund their Buddy Bench Project, which has since rolled out 24 Buddy Benches into school playgrounds across Ontario (learn more here)

Support In Sport

Support in Sport is a not-for-profit organization with a unique mission to assist in fostering sport communities to adapt an understanding for the need for mental as well as physical fitness. They are committed to serving Ontario's youth athletes both transparently and effectively by developing a mental health awareness program for parents and coaches of elite youth athletes. This program emphasizes preventative methods and important education in supporting the mental well-being of our up and coming athletes. The PosVibes Project contributions will provide essential resources needed in their elite sports campaign. provides mental health education, leadership training, and ongoing mentorship to their network of 2,500 young leaders across Canada. Acknowledging the diversity of experiences among young Canadians, empowers student leaders to identify barriers to positive mental health in their own communities, and supports their efforts to break those barriers down. 

Through Jack Talks, Jack Chapters, and Jack Summits, student leaders educate their peers on how to identify signs and symptoms of mental health struggles in themselves, their friends, and their family. They show other young people how to access available resources, and most importantly, they encourage their peers to ask for help and support friends who may be struggling. 

When youth are in the transition from high school to post secondary, their peers are the ones that will notice when they are struggling. is doing their best to empower youth to take care of their own mental health and be there for each other's.